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Authlogics Webinar: End to End Authentication. Simplified
Phishing attacks, credential stuffing, brute force attacks, password spraying. With cyberattacks on the rise and regulatory bodies introducing more compliance requirements, the expectations for companies to maintain a secure IT infrastructure becomes even more challenging. Authlogics can simplify this with End to End Authentication solutions.

Our award winning passwordless and deviceless OTP technologies provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional authentication methods allowing you to benefit from real-time prevention and cure.

Simplify and secure your login process with Authlogics.

Join our webinar to find out:

• Do you comply with the latest guidelines?
• Are your employees passwords compromised?
• Is your company likely to experience a data breach?
• How you can reduce your helpdesk calls and costs.
• The advantages of using Multi-Factor Authentication.
• Learn more about the Authlogics Authentication suite.

All attendees are eligible for a FREE Authlogics Active Directory Password Audit and FREE 30 day trial with rapid deployment.

Presenter: Kamber Devijianie, Global Sales Leader, Authlogics

Jul 27, 2020 12:00 PM in Dubai

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Kamber Devjianie
Global Sales Leader @Authlogics
With a solid background in technical sales and entrepreneurship, Kamber is an award-winning presenter and expert in Password Compliance and Passwordless authentication. As Global Sales Leader at Authlogics, Kamber continues to seek ways to make a difference in the information security and sales industry. Kamber is an electronics and telecommunication engineer by education and started his career at AMFCO International as a VoIP Engineer. Over the years, he has worked with reputable tech companies like Apple and Sony before being recruited by Authlogics to develop new sales strategies for their software and services. Fluent in English, Urdu, Basic Arabic, Hindi, and Gujarati, Kamber uses his international entrepreneurial skills to expand Authlogics on a global level building partnerships with companies looking to expand their technological infrastructure.